Welcome to the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Project

We are a non-profit that provides free Unemployment Insurance advocacy, advice and assistance to Michigan workers.
Please note: You have 30 days from the date of mailing of any Unemployment Insurance determination or decision to appeal.  If you disagree with a determination or decision you must appeal within 30 days to protect your rights.  You can find information about how to appeal a decision in our Know Your Rights brochure.

If you need to apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits you can do so online or by phone.  
Find out how to apply for benefits on the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency website.

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MiUI Community Connect
MiUI Community Connect is a statewide coalition dedicated to providing local opportunities to share information about unemployment insurance [UI] and discuss timely issues impacting Michigan’s UI system. 

We should all be talking – to each other.

Individuals from business, local government, education, faith-based communities and other distinct groups rarely join together to learn about and discuss unemployment insurance, even though the Michigan Employment Security Act [MESA] specifically includes all individuals, not just the unemployed and the employer.   MiUI Community Connect events bring individuals and groups from diverse perspectives together for educational purposes, to share the latest information on Michigan’s unemployment insurance system, and to review and discuss recent and proposed policy changes. 

Join MiUI Community Connect

Coalition members support local information sharing of unemployment insurance ideas by participating in local ‘Community Connect’ events.  MiUI Community Connect events are based upon the general principles of the MESA; that an unemployment insurance system is necessary and benefits the person unemployed through no fault of their own, as well as the general public.  MiUI Community Connect is nonpartisan.  There is no cost for membership.  Coalition members will be asked, but not required, to lend their names as co-hosts of local events.  

Contact us by e-mail to join the discussion: arossi@miui.org.

A YEAR IN REVIEW:  Michigan's 2013 UI Policies

The link that follows will direct you to our document capturing some of the more high profile unemployment insurance happenings to occur in 2013. 


Changing Laws 

"Families at Risk: The Impact of 2011 changes to unemployment insurance on Michigan's unemployed families and children": For the first time there is a study of the effects of unemployment insurance benefits on Michigan's unemployed families with children, including predictions about the effects of a more restrictive UI program. This report was released in September 2012 by Dr. Luke Shaefer, assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Social Work. Dr. Shaefer examines the recent changes in Michigan's law ad compares the new regime with other states' UI programs.

MiUI uses this report to educate our partners and State Legislators on the positive and negative consequences that changes to unemployment insurance law are having on Michigan's children.

For full text of this report, go to