Getting Help

If you are having problems with your Michigan Unemployment Insurance benefits, call us at (734) 274-4331. We are staffed by Michigan law students (supervised by an experienced UI attorney) and we provide free advice and representation in Unemployment Insurance cases to qualified Michigan workers. When you call, a student will do an intake to determine whether we are able to help you with your case. To be best prepared, have the documents you have received from the Unemployment Insurance Agency or your employer about your UI benefits ready when you call. We will have questions about them.

Please be careful not to miss any appeal deadlines.  You have 30 days from the date of mailing of any Unemployment Insurance determination or decision to appeal.  If you disagree with a determination or decision you must appeal within 30 days to protect your rights.  Be careful to not miss any appeal deadlines.  You can find information about how to appeal a decision in our Know Your Rights brochure.

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The sooner you contact us in your claim process, the better.  If for some reason we are unable to provide you full representation you can CHECK HERE for our referral list of other lawyers that provide representation to UI claimants.

Contacting MiUI

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Phone:  (734) 274-4331 
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