UI Legal Resources

UI Law Sources

Michigan Employment Security Act - Start here

Unemployment Insurance Agency Rules - administrative rules promulgated by the UIA

MAHS and MCAC Rules of Practice - Promulgated by Appellate Commission for use in cases at ALJ hearings and cases before the MCAC.

Digest of Michigan UI Decisions - created by the Board of Review (MCAC) includes summaries of important Appellate, Circuit Court and Board of Review decisions.

Michigan Court Rules - for Claim of Appeal to Circuit Court and Leave to Appeal to Court of Appeals

Michigan Appellate Opinion Manual (Michigan's "blue book" for appellate briefs)

Federal UI Law - Dept. of Labor compilation site

UI Legal Education Materials

UI Fact Sheets - summaries of key areas of UI law and procedure


Search Board of Review Digest

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Search Michigan Published Case Decisions - at Google Scholar

Search US Dept. of Labor Program Letters

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